Congratulations, you have decided to become an adoption parent. Our professional staff at our Chicago based law firm understands the real fears and anxieties associated with adoption in Illinois and its processes. Both Ms. Anderson and Ms. Boback serve as “Child Representatives” in Cook County and have been appointed numerous times by the court to represent the interests of the child. As expert Illinois adoption attorneys, the Law firm of Anderson & Boback keep abreast of the Illinois adoption laws, are quite active in the adoption community and are considered highly regarded of all Chicago area adoption law firms.

Taking this life changing step will force you to make many decisions that will affect you personally, emotionally and financially. Things to consider include immigration requirements should you be adopting from a different country, and the costs involved. Additionally, you will need a good attorney to prepare any and all contract documents between you and the birthparents. It is at this time the true necessity for only the best in Illinois adoption lawyers become vital. You will want to protect your rights as well as the rights of the child. Additional information regarding adoption in Illinois can be found in our Articles and News sections of this web site.

For a smooth adoption process, the best practice is to plan ahead, and be prepared for anything, which coincidentally is very similar to the lifestyle of parenting which you are embracing. Pleasecontact us to share this journey with you.