Adult Guardianship Help

If you know a loved one or friend who is disabled, elderly, or in need of a personal guardian, you may be considering the appointment of an adult guardian. You may recognize that the person is not capable of making informed decisions about his or her finances or health. However, a lack of resources and knowledge can sometimes prevent us from taking the timely steps needed to protect loved ones from abuse, fraud, or some other type of harm.

In many cases, low-income seniors or persons with disabilities and/or their family members can seek legal services, pro bono, from a local organization, the Center for Disability & Elder Law (“CDEL”). CDEL administers a Pro Se Adult Guardianship Help Desk located in the Probate Division of the Cook County Clerk’s Office-Room 1202 of the Richard J. Daley Center.

A volunteer can assist with filing a petition, ensuring you appear in the right court, scheduling a hearing, issuing the proper paperwork, and explaining the procedures to complete the guardianship.

Before individuals delay the proper care of a loved one, they may consider visiting the Help Desk and/or exploring more information about CDEL online at

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