Allocating Religion For Minor Children

As I was in the Daley Center today, I noticed that there were many individuals who were participating in Ash Wednesday; attorneys, deputies and other patrons of the Daley Center.  This then lead me to think about how parties who are going through a divorce or are involved in a parentage case, will either need to jointly decide what religion their minor child(ren) will participate in or the designation will need to be allocated to one parent.

What happens though when both parents want to be in charge of the allocation and have conflicting views as how the child should be raised?  (Allocation Judgments determine Health, Religion, School and Extra-curricular activities).

Essentially, the Judge will have to weigh many factors; who is actually practicing in their religion, how has the child(ren) been raised thus far, what is the family support and involvement regarding raising the child in a this religion, what are the parents reasoning for wanting to raise the child in this religion, how old the child is and do they have an opinion regarding the matter and the underlying factor, what is in the best interests of this child.

Although it can always be difficult to determine what is “in the best  interest of the child” the allocation of religion can be particularly challenging when parents do not agree.


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