Anderson & Boback Participates in Girl Scouts Project Law Track

The Alliance for Women and DuPage County Bar Association has partnered with the Girl Scouts to host a series of events in which volunteer attorneys partner with law students and with young ladies in 6th grade and above to introduce them to the practice of law.

The project consists of four separate sessions that is designed to introduce different facets of the law, including case preparation and trial, to the girls scouts.  The first session took place on April 12, 2016, in which the volunteer attorneys and law students discussed differences between the law in real life and the law as seen on TV.

The second session takes place today and will consist of discussions regarding careers in the law, and each volunteer attorney and law student will discuss how they chose their field of practice.

Throughout these sessions, the girls have been paired up with attorneys to go over a mock trial problem.  The girls have each been assigned the role of the prosecutor, defense attorney, juror and other roles in the case.  They will be coached on how to evaluate the problem and how to perform cross and direct examinations, as well as closing and opening statements.

The final two sessions will take place on May 12th and 14th, with the 14th being a final presentation of the mock trial and will take place in the Dirksen Federal Building.  While intellectually stimulating, it is also a way to make the law fun and interesting.

The project is an opportunity to introduce young girls to the practice of law and hopefully encourage them to pursue law as a career.  It also is a chance to develop female mentorships between the girls, the law students and the lawyers.  The development of these relationships could help the girls as they decide whether to pursue law and how to go about doing so.

In the end, it is an opportunity to give back to our community, especially the young girls, and encourage them to pursue their dreams.

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