Anderson & Boback’s Top Ten Divorce Attorney Problems the Morning After the Cubs Win the WORLD SERIES!

While the rest of Chicago is celebrating, we are hard at work, trying to resolve the plethora of issues that come along with the wonderful news of a Cubs World Series win! Here is the list of our Top Ten favorite problems divorce attorneys have to resolve the morning after the win:

(1) Which parent is going to take the children to the Cubs’ celebratory parade?

(2) Which parent kept the minor children up too late to watch the Cubs win the World Series?

(3) Which parent is responsible for their minor children being late to school today, or not showing up at all?

(4) Which parent gets custody of the minor children’s World Series gear in their home?

(5) Which spouse gets the autographed Cubs memorabilia in the divorce?

(6) Which spouse gets the 2017-2018 Cubs Season Tickets in the divorce? (We think the parties should compromise and give the lawyers the tickets!)

(7) Which spouse gets to keep today’s copy of the Chicago Tribune delivered to the home?

(8) Which parent gets spring break vacation time in 2017 (to take the children to spring training games, of course)

(9) Which parent is going to be held responsible for their children’s newly learned “vocabulary” after listening to their parents watch the seven World Series games?

And, the biggest problem that Chicago divorce attorneys have today is……

(10) Deciding whether their office will be open or closed during the Cubs’ Victory Parade!

Congratulations to the 2016 World Series Champion Chicago Cubs!

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