Another Continuance?

Whether you are just commencing a case or new to the process, you will likely become familiar with the court granting a “continuance” or setting the matter for “status.”
A “continuance” and “status” are the same thing. It simply means that the case has been continued to a later date, at which time the attorneys will need to appear before the judge again and advise him or her of any updates on your case.
When you want your case to be over yesterday, continuances and statuses can be a very frustrating part of the process. However, continuances and statuses, when used properly, and not as a dilatory tactic, can provide parties with the time they need to resolve differences and settle a case. Instead of immediately setting an issue for hearing to be heard before the judge, it is sometimes appropriate to attempt to settle it.
For instance, the parties may be close to an agreement but just need an additional 30 days to iron out some details. The lawyers can enter the agreement at the next continuance/status.
Often times, your lawyer may get a hearing date that might be a month or two away but he or she may also get a continuance date that is before then. The hearing date will be a back-up date in case you do not settle the matter.
Continuances and statuses are often complicated by other issues. For example, the other side might present a new petition or motion at a continuance. If you feel like your case is being unreasonably delayed and/or your do not understand any court proceeding, you should always ask your counsel. You are entitled to understand your own case.

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