Father's Helping FathersOn March 7, 2015 from 9 am to 5 pm, you will want to attend the first Dad School, hosted by Father’s Helping Fathers.  (FHF) is a national not-for-profit corporation based in Palatine, Illinois. FHF conducts educational classes and development programs that help fathers in every aspect of parenting from prenatal classes to toddler training to dealing with teenagers. Dad School will take place at the UIC Forum.  Check out their web site to sign up and get further information.

I recently learned about FHF and its struggle to raise awareness about the positive influence fathers have on child development and on family structure itself. Furthermore, FHF is a strong proponent of changing legislation to give fathers more rights, responsibility and accountability in cases of child custody. They are strongly committed to growing public awareness of the negative stereotype given to fathers. FHF helps un-wed and divorced fathers needing legal advice in regard to gaining more parenting time, visitation and custody of their children.

FHF implements parenting classes to help fathers by giving them the most up-to-date information regarding child development and rearing. They encourage fathers to continually educate themselves in all aspects of child rearing. To facilitate this, FHF works with various community organizations to provide beneficial parenting development events, support groups and round-table discussions. Our support groups provide a non-judgmental forum where dads can discuss and solve common issues and problems.

One of the most important issues that relates to the struggle of committed fathers is that of parenting time. FHF’s goal is to ensure that children continue to have meaningful relationships with both parents, regardless of marital status. They advocate on behalf all non-custodial parents to ensure they get equitable treatment in court and continued access to their children.

FHF recognizes the value of fatherhood and supports the concept of true joint custody, where parents work together for the best interests of their children. Statistics show that custodial fathers are the most likely to encourage a positive relationship between their children and the other parent and to raise happy, healthy children.


Visit their website today and sign  up for this important event!

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