Moving with a minor child

One issue that is commonly brought up in cases involving young children is the issue of moving away from their current residence. The old law in Illinois used to be that you could not “remove” the minor child from the … Continued

Ways To Avoid Indirect Civil Contempt

Contempt is the primary means that family law courtrooms use in Illinois to gain compliance of temporary orders and Judgments. In the event someone willfully and without compelling cause or justification, violates a court order, then they could be subject … Continued

Common Back to School Parenting Issues

As we approach the end of August and the beginning of another school year there are many issues which arise in family law related matters. From school selection to parenting time schedules, last minute vacations and school supply/uniform shopping, it … Continued

Naming a “Custodial Parent” in Illinois

Illinois has now abolished the term “custody” in parentage and dissolution of marriage actions.  Instead, the Court can allocate parental responsibilities for major decisions for minor children to one or both of the parents, including major decision making authority for … Continued

Accuracy in Disclosure Statements

Any family law case in Illinois which involves financial issues will require the parties to exchange Financial Disclosure statements.  The Financial Disclosure statement is designed to tell the court, in a snapshot, what your income, property, expenses and debts look … Continued

Mediation in Family Law Cases

Unfortunately, in family law matters, many parties end up returning to court at one point or another to deal with something new or unanticipated. Sometimes the issue is noncompliance, other times the issue is modification of a previous order for … Continued

Continuance of a Trial Date

Often times clients will have issues which arise that would cause them to be unavailable for Court. If the case is set for a hearing or a trial, or the last court order otherwise says that the parties must appear … Continued