Court is scheduled on my case, should I go?

In Domestic Relations Court, there are court appearances where only the attorneys or pro se litigants need to appear and others where all parties need to appear (petitioner, respondent and attorneys).  If you are representing yourself pro se, you will … Continued

Right of First Refusal

Something that we hear often between parents is that when the other parent is supposed to be watching the minor child(ren) they are not; the child(ren) is with relatives, neighbors or in some kind of child care.  When drafting an … Continued

Best Interest Factors: what are they really?

Lawyers who regularly practice in the Domestic Relations/Parentage Court use the phrase “best interest of the minor child(ren)” often.  And early on in my practice, I found out that it is best to actually sit down with clients and go … Continued

When Is A Good Time to Divorce?

Many couples hold off on divorcing until their children are grown and out of house in an attempt to protect them or limit the disruption  and stress that a divorce may add to their children’s life.  However, there have been … Continued

Can I Change My Child’s Name?

You may change the name of a minor if:   You are the biological parent of the minor; or The minor has lived with your family for at least 3 years and has been recognized and known as an adopted … Continued

Two Recent Proposed Amendments

Over the past two years there has been a major over-haul of the laws and court docket system affecting the domestic relations practice area in Cook County.  In 2016 numerous laws were amended and in 2017 the domestic relations and … Continued

Visitation schedule for Pets?

If you live in Alaska, then this is now a possibility for parties going through a divorce. A recent amendment to Alaska’s divorce statues, requires Judges to consider the well-being of an animal, just as they do children, into consideration, … Continued

Substitution of Attorneys

A potential client called me yesterday to ask me if it was normal or appropriate for people to switch attorneys in the middle of their case.  I informed him that in Illinois, clients do have the right to obtain different … Continued