Buried Knife Found on Former OJ Simpson Property

The Robbery Homicide Division of the Los Angeles Police Department are in possession of and testing a buck knife found on OJ’s former estate, demolished in 1998.
Law enforcement sources are indicating that a construction worker found the knife, in approximately 1998 during the demolition, and handed it to an off-duty LAPD officer working security for a movie shoot on the street that day. The LAPD officer took the knife home and kept it securely for years.
Earlier this year, the LAPD officer, who found and retained the knife, retired. Upon doing so, he contacted LAPD’s Robbery Homicide Division and asked a friend there for the Departmental Record number of the Nicole Brown Simpson/Ronald Goldman murder case. The retired officer had planned on framing the knife and engraving the frame with the case number. The friend told his superiors about the knife and the retired officer was forced to turn it over.
The knife is currently being tested for hair and fingerprints to determine whether it had any connection with the 1994 murders of OJ’s ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman. OJ cannot be prosecuted again due to double jeopardy, but since he was found not guilty, the murders are still considered an open case and the police can continue investigating.
Interestingly, when the new owners of OJ’s Brentwood property decided to demolish it in 1998, a construction worker joked in an interview with The Times: “We haven’t found the knife yet.”

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