Child Support is the obligation both parents have to provide financial support their children. The non-custodial parent (payor) provides payment of support to the custodial parent (payee) pursuant to the laws of Illinois. Child support is not optional and cannot be waived by the Payee. There exists Illinois Child Support Laws and guidelines when determining the amount expected to be paid. Generally speaking, the statutory guidelines of child support for the non custodial parent is based on their net income. For one child, the non-custodial parent should expect to pay 20% of their net income for Child Support in Illinois. This percentage increases with the number of children, up to 50% if there are six children or more. Deviations from these guidelines can occur if there is a determination that the guidelines do not meet the needs of the best interest of the children. Illinois Child Support Lawyers Anderson & Boback are prepared to represent the best interest of the children regarding the financial support needed for standard of living the children would have maintained should the divorce not occurred. Please contact us today if you find yourself in a situation that requires the knowledge and expertise of a Chicago Child Support Lawyer.

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