Cohabitation and the Divorce Rate

People are always commenting about the divorce rate and ways to predict a divorce.  People examine every aspect of a relationship to try and ascertain what causes divorce.  The truth of the matter is that many different factors contribute to a divorce.  Some people grow and grow apart.  They like different hobbies and value different things over time.  Others are able to grow together.

One of the articles that I read over the weekend discussed a link between the age of cohabitation of parties and divorce.  The article was careful to mention that they were not referring to the age of marriage, nor were they referring to the age married couples cohabit.  They specifically did a study to study the link between the age of cohabitation (without marriage) and a divorce rate.  It turns out that people who move in together at age 23 or 24 or younger, and who are not necessarily married, had the highest divorce rate in the sample that was studied, no matter if they eventually married.  The age of the cohabitation and not the marriage seemed to be the most telling factor of a party later divorcing.  I found this article to be very interesting, since marriage was not looked at as the ‘evil’ that causes the divorce, as so many articles and studies do.

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