Cook County Court hears an Emergency Petition regarding who has the right to use Cubs tickets between divorcing Couple.

Most people know by now that the Cubs have not won a World Series since 1908 (108 years) and have not played in a World Series game since 1945.  The rarity of this event has caused ticket prices to sore and one local couple who is in the process of divorcing, to go to Court over who had the right to the tickets for the Saturday game at Wrigley Field.

According to the story, that can be viewed at the link below, the husband bought a season-ticket package with a friend earlier this year before the divorce was pending.  When it became certain that the Cubs were in World Series and would be playing at Wrigley Field this past weekend, the wife Petitioned the Court on an emergency basis as to who would have the right to use those tickets. The Honorable Judge Nega ruled that the husband could keep the tickets for himself and the couple’s 12-year-old son but the husband had to buy the wife a new ticket in a comparable section, which at that point was around $3,000.00.

For the Court to properly hear a Petition based on an Emergency Petition in Cook County, there must be facts identifying the nature of the sudden or unforeseen circumstances which give rise to the emergency and the reason why the matter should take precedence shall be stated with particularity in an affidavit or verification in support of the emergency motion.

I think for many Cubs fans, the fact that they are in the World Series is deemed an Emergency in all aspects of their life . GO CUBS GO!


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