Cook County court trials coming to a TV screen near you

movie cameraIn 2012, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled that cameras would be allowed in the courtrooms.  To date however, Cook County has not implemented the process of how, or even when, it will be allowed.

I’m sure it will take awhile, if ever, before they allow cameras in the domestic relations courtrooms.  I for one, would welcome it.  The domestic relations courtrooms, for the most part, do not have court reporters.  Cook County, unlike other counties, have no recording devices whatsoever.  If you want a recording of any proceeding, you have to bring your own court reporter.  I’ve had judges tell me that without the hiring of a court reporter, I cannot even present an order of protection on behalf of my client.  I think its wrong.

People act differently when they know that they are being recorded.  There is less gamesmanship, and frankly, I believe that even the judges act differently when there is a court reporter present.  So I welcome cameras into the courtroom.  It would be refreshing to know that everything occurring could be reviewed by the public, and any interested party.  It will keep everyone honest.  Maybe court would even start on time, which would also be refreshing.

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