Cutting Off Credit Cards

mock-credit-card-If your spouse’s spending on the credit cards is out of control you might be considering pulling the plug on his or her access. That usually is not a good decision.  If you cut off the credit cards, or reduce the limit in any way, his or her lawyer will likely petition the court to order you to restore it. The request will usually be granted if one of the following is true:

1.) Your spouse does not have any other income, or relatively little income;

2.) You exclusively control all of the cash accounts and your spouse has no access to the funds; and

3.)  You are currently not paying your spouse any child support or maintenance.

Ironically, your attempt to save money in credit card bills may end up costing you more in litigation.

A more effective course of action may be asking your lawyer to petition the court to enter an order setting a monthly payment of child support and/or maintenance to your spouse. At the time that order is entered, you also should request that the credit card be closed or transferred to your spouse’s name alone so he or she can manage and pay their individual expenses with the funds you are now paying. Hopefully, the amount you pay in support will be lower than the monthly credit card statements you were previously paying.


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