Extensive High Profile Divorce Back in Court and Bifurcated Divorces

The Chicago Tribune announced this morning that the long running divorce between Cancer Treatment Center’s Founder, Richard Stephenson and now ex-wife, Alicia Stephenson would be back in Court this morning. The divorce has been going on for several years and earlier this year the marriage was dissolved but the battle over assets is still continuing (bifurcated divorce).  The attorneys for each party have conflicting opinions on how much of the estate has been settled and where they are at in certain aspects of the discovery process.  And even after the allocation of property is finalized, the parties will then have to work out the maintenance that Richard Stephenson will need to pay Alicia Stephenson which is not scheduled until this fall.

The idea of a bifurcated divorce may be new to some people but it is probably more common than most people think. An article that was previously written on our blog in 2013 explains the topic quite well and explains why the Stephenson’s may have decided to take the route they did.   http://illinoislawforyou.com/what-is-a-bifurcation-in-a-divorce-proceeding/

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