Getting Through the Holidays During a Divorce

Going through the holiday season during a divorce can be difficult both emotionally and financially.  The following are some tips to get you through.

1.      Cost-saving gift ideas:  It is a good idea to reduce your gift giving during your divorce, as it is undoubtedly costing you money for attorneys, financial consultants, and appraisers.  If you do not want to completely eliminate gift-giving, create home-made gifts, such as cookies or mason jars full of treats.  You need to take care of yourself during this time, and that includes financially.

2.      Attend functions you enjoy:  Do not force yourself to endure unpleasant and stressful situations with people who are no longer in your social circle due to the divorce.  Even if you are on pleasant terms with your in-laws, you are no longer obligated to appear at their holiday parties.  This can be a nice time to create new traditions for yourself that promote peace and tranquility in your own life.

3.      Take a break from the divorce:  The courts are closed during the holidays, and most attorneys take, at least, a short break from working.  Try to let yourself take a step-back from the proceedings, as well.  Put the emails, motions, and orders out of sight.  Let your attorney know to only contact you if there is an emergency and focus on yourself.

4.      Celebrate for your kids:  Even if you haven’t been in the greatest of moods, your children still deserve to have an enjoyable holiday.  Make sure they take part in festive activities of their choosing.  You can use past holiday favorites or create new traditions.  In either case, ensure you are not bad-mouthing the other parent and the exchanges go smoothly at this time of the year.  They will thank you for this in the future.

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