Girl Scouts Participate in Mock Trial at the Federal Courthouse

After weeks of hard work and preparation, the Girls Scouts of Greater Chicago in collaboration with volunteer attorneys, including one from Anderson & Boback, participated in a mock trial at the Federal Courthouse.  The trial was presided by the Hon. Judge Rebecca R. Pallmeyer.


dscn3517The mock trial centered around two singers participating in a reality TV show in which the winner would receive a contract and a promise of fame.  During the intense competition, one singer allegedly attacked the other singer with her microphone, and the defendant was charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon.  The girls had prepared for this event for weeks and had the individual assistance of lawyers guiding them through the process.


The girls gave opening and closing arguments, the direct and cross examination of the victim, the defendant and two witnesses, and two confidant girls even gave re-direct.  “Why do you think the defendant wanted to kill you?” asked one of the girls for the prosecution.  “Because she hates me,” replied the victim.  The defendant rested its case around noon at which time the jury was sequestered to deliberate on their decision — as they sat at their own table at the lunchroom of the Federal Building.


The event was meant to introduce the girls to the practice of law in a fun yet professional way.  The girls and the attorneys had a good time, and hopefully new connections and memories were made.

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