Holiday Parenting Time

In light of Memorial Day, I thought it would be appropriate to blog regarding holiday parenting time. Holiday parenting time is general set up in an initial Allocation Judgment incorporating a Parenting Plan. Sometimes the issue of allocating holidays is discussed and resolved in mediation. Otherwise, when there is no agreement relative to any issues regarding the minor children, holiday parenting time will be determined by a Judge.


Usually, holiday parenting time is pretty straightforward. If one party has the minor children for a holiday in even years, the other parent has the minor children for that same holiday in odd years, so that there is a fair rotation. Sometimes parties have annual family parties that they’d like taken into consideration. Some parties celebrate Christmas Eve every year with their family, and they may want Christmas Eve ever year. If that is the case, the other party may have Christmas Day every single year, to keep things far. Some parties have their children Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in even years, and then the other parent will typically have Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day in even years, to try and balance out one parent having all of the parenting time during a major holiday. These vary from parenting agreement to parenting agreement.


Memorial Day is another holiday we often see in parenting agreements. Generally, if one parent has Memorial Day in a given year, the other parent will have Labor Day in that same year. Some parties choose to attach Monday holidays such as Memorial Day or Labor Day to the preceding weekend to make it easier for exchanges. Parties have the options of agreeing to essentially any holiday schedule that they’d like to, either on their own or using mediation. For holidays, when some families have traditions they do not want to break, it is much easier and more satisfying to come to an agreement on the allocation rather than letting a Judge decide. There is generally a better chance of getting what you want when you try to agree on holidays than leaving it up to the Judge to allocate them.

Have a happy, safe Memorial Day and thank you to all of our service members!

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