How do I know what documents the opposing party will use at a hearing? parties have the right to inspect documents before they are presented to a Court during a hearing.  However, how far in advance one is able to review those documents depends upon what sort of preparation was done prior to the hearing date.  While you may be handed documents before they are handed up to a Judge, if you want to see them prior to the hearing date, you are entitled to do that, so long as you do a Request to Produce documents.

Under Illinois Supreme Court Rules, a Request to Produce Documents can demand that a party turn over any and all documents that they intend to use at a hearing before the Court, by a date certain.  The responding party has 28 days to turn the documents over, otherwise, a motion to compel could be filed.  This ensures that you have adequate time to review the documents prior to appearing in Court.  This also helps you prepare your case and argument for the upcoming court date.  However, if you do not do a request in advance, you will likely find yourself reviewing documents for the first time when you are before the Judge in court.

It is always beneficial to try and obtain as much information as you can before your court appearance.  It is helpful to review any and all documents before a Court hearing or status date that might be used at said appearance.

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