How hard is it to get a divorce in Illinois?

Illinois has a two (2) year waiting period for parties that wish to get divorced using irreconcilable differences.  However, parties that have been separated at least six (6) months and that wish to get divorced using Irreconcilable Differences as the grounds, can do so by agreement.  If the parties have been separated for less than two (2) years but more than six (6) months (or exactly six months) the parties can get divorced using other grounds, per Illinois Statute.

Bloomberg recently ranked the hardest and easiest states in which to get a divorce.  The survey seemed to be based mostly upon the cost of filing for the divorce as well as any waiting periods or separation periods, as well as whether there is a state residency requirement.  The conclusion was that the hardest state to get divorced in, is Vermont.  The easiest state to get divorced in is New Hampshire.  Illinois ranked at number 34, with a divorce rate of 8%.  Illinois was also found to have the 16th lowest marriage rate in the country.

Ultimately, you cannot simply choose where you want to get divorced.  You cannot necessarily pick the state which has jurisdiction over you, because many states have residency requirements before you can file.  Illinois has a ninety (90) day residency requirement.  If you live in Illinois and are contemplating divorce, you can reach out to our attorneys to see if we can help you.

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