How love and marriage are changing, according to 63,000 New York Times wedding announcements

This is an interesting article from the New York Times.

The article describes how a search engine (Wedding Crunchers) that analyzed NYT wedding announcements, and published an exploration of trends across 35 years.

Announces typically describe the couples’ ages and how they met.  Some recent trends that the Times shows are:

The latest data shows that:

  • The modern announcements focus less on debutante culture and more on people of diverse religious backgrounds.
  • The average age of the people in wedding announcements is increasing.
  • Technology plays a more prominent role: Many couples now meet online, and tech companies account for an increasing percentage of employers.

As a domestic relations firm, we of course are interested in marriage trends.  What I am interested in particularly though, is how these trends will translate into length of marriages.  Will the fact that people are older when they get married lead to a lower rate of divorce?  Will meeting people on-line have a positive or negative effect on the length of marriages?

Whether you are married or divorced, the article is interesting and worth the read.



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