How Pakistan Fails Its Children New York Times recently wrote about Pakistan and how it is failing the children there.  The article described Malala Yousafzai’s ordeals and that she is the youngest person to ever be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize.

Malala was shot in the head on her way to school.  Although many children are shot every day, right here in the United States, the article focused on how many children are not attending school in Pakistan, which the article estimated at close to 25 million, most of them girls.

The article discusses why Pakistan is failing its children academically.  It cites the quality of the teachers and the locations, as well as the school curriculum. Pakistan’s only instrument to measure education at a national level is the Annual Status of Education Report.  That report shows that roughly half of 10 year olds demonstrate the competence expected of six year olds in their national language.

The article calls for reform.  Not just in the education system regarding the quality of teachers, but also the area where they study.  Pakistan needs to change the priority of their education for their children.

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