Husband uses drone to catch cheating wife

It is pretty amazing what technology can do.  Since Illinois isn’t interested in a person proving “grounds” for getting a divorce anymore, it isn’t very relevant that this man was able to catch his wife cheating.  Not for purposes of a divorce anyway.  But a lot of spouses will use technology to catch their spouses hiding money or determining where assets are being kept by recording key strokes on the family computer.  The person using the technology does not need to be very technological either.  I had a client one time who received a laptop for her birthday with the spyware already intact in the device.  Another client had a camera installed in her VCR in front of her bed.  The spyware technology is everywhere and not always easy to detect.

The spyware records the strokes on your keyboard so passwords are not recognized by the person who had the spyware installed.  If you think that you are safer using your computer at work, just note that your employer likely  has access to the sites you are using since the computer belongs to the employer.  The safest bet all the way around is to use your personal lap top at work, somewhere where your spouse has no ability to get to the device.

Of course you should be disclosing everything in your divorce, but it isn’t pleasant to find out that your spouse has had access to your email and is able to read everything between you and your lawyer.  Take proper precautions when you are going through a divorce.

To watch the drone, here is the link:

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