Illinois Budget Crisis May Mean Relief for Child Support Payors

Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez issued ninety (90) layoff notices to child support program employees.  The employees were tasked with obtaining funding for those entitled to child support, generally speaking, from the parent without the majority of parenting time.

Once this news hit the wires, the spokesman for the Cook County State’s Attorney said that “[N]egotiations late last week appeared to restore some of next year’s funding to the program, layoffs are still expected, but not as many as anticipated.”

However, it has also come to light that the State of Illinois still owes Cook County $18 million dollars for last year’s child support enforcement services to be in compliance with federal law.  The State of Illinois is also failing to fund countless other social service programs, a fact the spokesman confirmed.

“The entire unit will not be disbanded now, but some lawyers will have to be transferred and the staff seriously cut.  It would be a new low if the lack of money [from the State of Illinois] helps to let deadbeat dads off the hook,” the spokesman added.

Those looking to skirt the system may, unfortunately, have the opportunity to sooner rather than later.

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