International Women’s Day March 8, 2016

Small Bylica_Profile PicYesterday was International Women’s Day and with the growth of social media, I saw more information regarding the day yesterday than I have in past years.

An annual “International Women’s Day” was first organized by German socialist Clara Zetkin along with one hundred delegates from seventeen countries in March 1911.

When it first began, the goal was to give women the right to vote, which happened in Britain in 1918 but just last year in Saudi Arabia, to hold public office and to be given equal employment rights as men.

As the years progressed, the day began to have a focus on a specific issue. The current goal/agenda, which is meant to build on the unfulfilled Millennium Development Goals, has a stand-alone goal just for the empowerment of women and girls as a core means of tackling economic underperformance, global overpopulation and poverty worldwide.

Aside from older motivations surrounding political office and the pay gap, there is also increasing awareness of the disproportionate amount of abuse women suffer at the hands of others.

A few of the women from Anderson & Boback participated in a luncheon through the Illinois Bar Association yesterday.  The focus was on laughter in the law and how to preserve through some really tough situations with laughter.   It was a great time to reflect on the progress women have made not just in the legal profession but in society in general, as well as, the progress that still needs to be made.

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