Is a “rocky marriage” better for keeping diabetes at bay for men?

This statement may seem like a counter intuitive statement but a recent study lead by Michigan State University and partially funded by the National Institutes of Health found that “an unhappy marriage may actually slow the development of diabetes and promote successful treatment once they do get the disease..”  Data was used from 1,228 married respondents over five years who were 57 to 85 years old; and 389 with diabetes at the end of the study.

Hiu Liu, an associate professor of sociology at Michigan State University found that, “The most surprising finding was that, for men, an increase in negative marital quality lowered the risk of developing diabetes and increased the chances of managing the disease after its onsent.  Diabtes requires frequent monitoring that the wives could be prodding the husband to do, boosting his health but also increasing marital strain over time. “

However, “For women, a good marriage was related to a lower risk of being diabetic five years later.  Women may be more sensitive than men to the quality of a relationship and thus more likely to experience a health boost from a good-quality relationship” Liu indicated.

Although this may be a small scale study, with a focus on one particular aspect of health and marriage, the results are quite interesting.

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