Maintaining Health Insurance for Minor Children

2 doctorsHealth insurance has been a big topic in today’s society, especially since it has been a focus of the Obama administration.  Everyone knows that doctor’s visits can be costly but are necessary to maintain the health and the wellbeing of an any individual, especially growing children.

Under 750 ILCS 5/505.2, whenever the court establishes, modifies or enforces an order for child support or for child support and maintenance the court shall include in the order a provision for the health care coverage of the child, which shall, upon request of the obligee (the individual to whom the duty of support is owed), require that any child covered by the order by named as a beneficiary of any health insurance plan that is available to the obligor (means the individual who owes a duty of support pursuant to an order of support) through an employer.  If the Court finds that such plan is not available to the obligor, or that the plan is not accessible to the oblige, the court may, upon request of the oblige, order the obligor to name the child covered by the order as a beneficiary of any health insurance plan that is available to the obligor on a group basis, or as a  beneficiary of an independent health insurance plan to be obtained by the obligor after considering several factors that can be viewed at  750 ILCS 5/505.2 (b).

As the statute states, the obligor or obligee can be ordered to add the minor child(ren) to any existing plan or policy or can be ordered to take out a separate plan if adding the child(ren) is not an option.  Maintaining health insurance for minor children is usually synonymous with any child support order.

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