Man Freed After 6 Months In Jail For Failing To Pay Child Support

Scales of justiceToday, a man who had been in jail for six months, for failing to pay child support was released.  Mr. Rohit Rhansail was ordered to pay $1,000 a month in child support, and when he did not pay it, his wife’s lawyer filed a contempt petition.  That was ultimately granted and when Mr. Bhansail did not appear in court for the contempt proceeding, he was jailed.  He’s been in jail for six months.

Today, Judge Mathein, allowed his release.  What remains to be seen is if Mr. Bhansail will continue to pay support, or if he will flee to India as his wife’s attorney predicts.

Typically, the courts don’t like to imprison people for not paying their support, since the logic behind it suggests that a person won’t be able to pay any support if they are in jail and not at work.  But what can judges do if a person chronically fails to pay support?  The kids still need to eat and it can be difficult for only the one parent to provide for the children.  I don’t condone parents who won’t pay support, just like I don’t condone parents who won’t allow the other parent to visit.  You just never see a judge throw a parent in jail when they won’t allow visitation.

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