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Illinois Military divorce produces a new set of governing laws that are treated separately and distinctly than those in a civilian divorce and require the expertise of Military Divorce Lawyers. There exists a certain procedure for obtaining service upon an active duty spouse and the accompanying military rules and regulations regarding service of a soldier. If requesting maintenance, child support or other financial support the division of military pension is also governed under a separate and unique set of laws.

Active duty spouses also are granted legal protection to allow them to “devote their entire energy to the defense needs of the Nation”, this protection is in effect thru the time of service and 60 days post active duty. With this protection in place, you may find it necessary to postpone the filing of the divorce papers.

Additional rules and Military Divorce laws governing a military divorce can be found in ourArticles and/or News sections of our website. We urge you to read this information and contact us at Anderson & Boback to ensure full compliance and guidance during this process. We also invite you to view the video to your right, wherein we discuss further the process of a military divorce.

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