New Fad: The “Invisible” Significant Other

I was listening to the radio last week and was shocked to hear about a new trend in cellular phone applications and social media.  Apparently there are companies out there that will provide the service of inventing an invisible or non-existent significant other for those who would like one.  They will set up a Facebook profile, generate a text message history for a cell phone and provide numerous other services so that your invisible significant other seems more “real”.  I suppose there is a market for this.  Many adolescents are picked on for not having a significant other, or are asked by their parents when they are going to meet someone.  This could be a useful tool to get others off your back, so to speak.  Others stated on the radio that it might be helpful for someone that does not want to be forthcoming about their sexuality and preferences, to fool employers, family members and friends.

The most interesting suggestion for use of this service by far was someone suggesting that they might use it to leave their spouse.  That they would consider paying the service to generate a fake significant other, leave the smartphone or tablet out for their significant other to see, and then let them find it and accuse them of not being faithful.  This surprised me, personally, and the radio DJ also was appalled.

We use social media, text messages and other forms of electronic communication as family lawyers regularly.  It was just an interesting thought to think that it is possible that a service can provide “generated” exchanges between two people, and makes one question the authenticity of what is out there and what is being used in evidence in domestic relations cases.

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