Paternity/DNA Testing Truck is a Reality In New York City

DNAI recently read numerous articles regarding a DNA testing truck that drives around New York City.  This truck acts as a DNA testing center for those that are curious as to whether or not their paternity of their child is legitimate.  The truck also offers other services, acting as a 24/7 Drug Testing Center and a Breathalyzer.  It has been reported by other sources that the business, known as “Whose Your Daddy?” will also be the focus of an upcoming VHI reality series.

Our office generally handles paternity cases where testing and cases regarding same between parties who were never married; so, this business is particularly intriguing to us.  Typically the DNA/Paternity testing that we handle is done at the courthouse.  For instance, in Cook County, at the Daley Center, there is an office dedicated specifically to determining paternity amongst litigants who submit themselves for a DNA test.  I suppose that this truck would come in handy in a situation where one is not certain of the paternity of their child and wants to check before paying a filing fee, filing a court case and having a person served.  Generally, private DNA tests are acceptable by the Courts if the parties agree with the results.  If not, they submit to DNA testing through the court house.

I am interested to see whether or not this Paternity testing business makes it way out of New York City and into other areas.  We will be keeping a watchful eye out on this, as well as for the upcoming reality show.

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