Pizza for Child Support

Nicola Toso divorced Nicoletta Zuin in Italy in 2002. They had one daughter together during their marriage. According to their marital settlement agreement, Nicola was to pay Nicoletta 400 euros, roughly $450.00 dollars, per month in “child maintenance.” Child maintenance is Italy’s version of Illinois’ child support.

Nicola was a pizza baker in Padua. After his divorce, he remarried and had three (3) more children. Following the economic crisis, and with three more mouths to feed, Nicola struggled to pay the agreed $450.00 per month to his ex-wife, Nicoletta. As a substitute, he offered his ex-wife free pizzas and calzone from the take-out restaurant that he managed between 2008 and 2010.

Nicoletta would not accept Nicola’s offer of pizza for money and filed a criminal complaint against her ex-husband. Presiding Judge Chiara Bitozzi ruled that there was no evidence to suggest that Nicola had committed a crime and acquitted him of all criminal charges of not being able to pay child support.

In 2011, the parties’ daughter moved in with Nicola and Nicoletta was then order to pay 300 euros, $340.00 dollars, to Nicola. Lesson learned: always accept pizza for support.

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