Pope Expected to Listen to Family Joy and Challenges

One of Pope Francis’ stops during his 6-day visit to the United States this week will include attending the Festival of Families in Philadelphia this Saturday, September 26, 2015. It is described by organizers as an “international celebration of family, community, and faith.”  The Festival will mark the end of a weeklong event that began today, the World Meeting of Families 2015, where more than 18,000 Catholics from around the world are gathering for a conference to celebrate family and discuss the challenges facing Catholic families worldwide.

During the Festival closing ceremony, Pope Francis is expected to hear from six different families from around the globe who will describe their “joys and challenges.” The closing ceremony, which will be nationally broadcasted, that many have speculated the Pope will shed light on family issues including gay marriage and divorce.

Many eagerly await to see how the Pope may influence politics, religion, and family values.

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