Prenup’s no longer carry the negative stigma they once did. For smart and successful couples, a prenuptial agreement relieves anxiety and many disagreements should the marriage end. In an attempt to avoid litigation by resolving property issues which may arise upon the death of a spouse or during a dissolution of marriage action, couples may choose to execute premarital agreements in order to determine how property will be divided in the event of death or divorce. In order to have a complete and carefully written agreement your prenuptial attorney requires the compilation of information.

While most marrying couples want to focus on the “happily ever after”, the cold, hard statistics reveal that happily ever after only occurs for approximately 50% of all marriages. The emotional commitment to a future spouse should not cloud your judgment in the protection of your current assets. Regardless of how certain you are that this relationship will end only in death, the state regards this union much more similar to a business, and treats it as a contract. As we have all heard the adage, contracts are made to be broken; a prenuptial agreement prepared by an experienced prenuptial attorney will protect your interests and rights in the event that dissolution of the marriage occurs.

There are many do’s and don’ts when considering a prenuptial, and you can view our list of requirements by visiting our Articles section, additionally, our News Section of our website will apprise you of recent rulings in the State of Illinois.

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