Psychologists recommend children be bored in the summer

One of the things that we deal with as lawyers for families, is the battle of how many activities children should engage in.  There are typically two camps.  One parent likes the children to be scheduled for every hour of the day.  There is camp, chess club, drama club, baseball, the list goes on and on.  The other parent has a different view.  The other parent wants the child to be more of a free thinker.  Lay in the grass, hit a ball around, use his imagination.  Neither view is the best way necessarily, it is more about personal preference.  We usually try to strike an agreement somewhere in the middle.

I saw an article recently however that addressed this issue.  You can find the whole article at

The article addresses how much parents fill their children’s time with activities and how this over scheduling of the child’s time can lead to children never developing on their own, the type of activities that they like.  According to the article, this can lead to stifling your child’s creativity.

Your child needs some time to just be.  Boredom is not a bad thing and sometimes parents think that they need to fix everything.  Allow your child to be bored.  According to the article, this boredom will motivate your child to think of something to do, instead of the parent’s always thinking for them.

I believe in balance however.  I wouldn’t have my child do nothing all summer, but I do lean toward the camp that doesn’t schedule multiple activities.  As a child, we played ball, but we also ran around the neighborhood with the other kids and played “hide and go seek” as well.  We ran in the sprinkler and we were also taken to the pool.  At the end of the day, so long as we weren’t sitting in the house, that suited my mother just fine.

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