Social Media and Co-Parenting Issues

The way that technology is utilized by young children is expanding at a faster rate than ever before, and certainly faster than statutes can keep up with it. This brings in a new realm of co-parenting issues that did not exist only a few years back, and which parties did not necessarily contemplate when entering into Allocation of Parental Responsibilities Judgments. For example, some parents choose to limit “screen time”, or, i.e., time their child or children spend in front of “screens”. Some parents include IPads, computers and televisions in this mix of “screen time” and limit how much their young children are given in a day. Most parenting agreements states that day to day decisions will be made by the parent who have the minor children in their care. That would, presumably, include the amount of “screen time” a child receives, unless it is separately addressed in a different paragraph. Parents who want to be very cautious about “screen time” should negotiate it when they negotiate all other parenting time issues.

Another issue raised by the increase in technology use is the appearance of minor children on social media. Some parents do not mind if photographs and information are shared on their Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or other social media pages, but some parents wish to be more cautious about putting their child’s personal details or photographs on the internet. If parents are not on the same page on this issue, it also ought to be negotiated early on and made a parent of the Judgment that the parties enter into, so as to ensure both parents are on the same page with this, from the beginning.

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