The Benefit of An “Agreed Order”

A definition that is used to explain an Agreed Order is, “An agreement between the two sides in a lawsuit that states what both sides will do for the other.”

An Agreed Order can be entered anytime during a case upon the agreement of the parties.  A lot of times, parties will enter an Agreed Order, outside of a scheduled Court date to solidify an Agreement that the parties have come to, so that it can entered in the Court file and become enforceable by the Court. .

These Orders can have a wide range of topics: parenting time; enrolling the child(ren) into a certain daycare or use of a childcare provider, allowing for out of state travel with children etc. The Court is lenient in entering these Orders unless it relates to some unconscionable/illegal activity or agreement.

This is a preferable way to utilize the Court system and it gives the parties control over their own case by allowing them to come to certain agreements.

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