The “Celebrity Divorce” Timeframe Can be Misleading

Recently in the news I have read that Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert announced and finalized their divorce on the very same day.  I found it very interesting as well as misleading to the general public regarding the divorce time frame expectation.  It is entirely uncommon and unlikely that they would have announced, negotiated, and finalized their divorce all in one day.

At least in Illinois, it is impossible to do all of this in one day and sets a poor example for people regarding the time frame it takes to finalize these matters.  It is likely that these two people in particular, had confidential meetings and negotiations with their attorneys well in advance of the finalization date to prepare the agreement, negotiate the agreement and ensure it was signed and ready for the Judge’s entry.  This process generally can take months.

However, sometimes parties will have their own agreement and are just looking for an attorney to draft it, prepare it for signature and finalize it.  Even in those situations you typically need at least two weeks to finalize it; one week to prepare the document and have it executed, and another week to wait to schedule a court date (at least in cook county, you need to schedule a court date at least seven (7) days prior).  In Illinois, there is also a period of separation which ranges from six (6) months to two (2) years, depending upon which grounds you intend to use.

All in all, the precedent set by these two celebrities is unrealistic in terms of the time frame, and likely was planned and coordinated months in advance before the information was released to the general public.

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