The Family Law Community

courtroomWhen you see two attorneys who are avidly fighting for their clients in the courtroom, you may not even suspect that out of the courtroom they are friends.  When we are hired to represent an individual, our focus is to represent them and the best interests of their family.  We get to know their case, and become familiar with the applicable law in their individual case and when we arrive in court, we are prepared to argue and represent our client to the best of our ability; we do not care who opposing counsel is, friend, former coworker or even an individual we do not know.   
I attended an event last night where nearly one hundred (100) female attorneys in the family law practice area joined  together for dinner and to learn more about the laws that will be implemented January 1, 2016 and effect the IMDMA (Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act).  There were many familiar faces, opposing counsel on several cases, others whom I have met at prior events and some that I have seen in Court several times but have never personally met.  The energy and comradery in the group was very positive and upbeat.  Everyone was happy to talk to one another and share any type of advice that they could possibly offer. It was nice to see so many people out of the courtroom and get to know them a little more on an individual basis.
Although lawyers are still human and have emotions, as professionals, it is our responsibility to put those feelings aside and advocate for our clients while we are in the courtroom but outside of the courtroom, it is nice to be able to come together as a community and share in our experiences and get to know other attorneys, and not just as attorneys but as an individuals as well.

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