The New York Times Exclusive: Your Divorce Story

newspaperTraditionally, the wedding announcement section of the newspaper is reserved for stories of childhood sweethearts, long-lost loves, and happily ever after. However, The New York Times, noting that nearly half of all love stories end in divorce, has launched a series called “Unhitched.” Included in the Wedding/Celebrations section, it features couples’ divorce stories and related columns from therapists and counselors.

If you are up for it, you can submit your own story. Given the reality of how many marriages end in divorce, it may be helpful for couples to share how they experience and cope with the process. The stories can demonstrate how the divorce does not necessarily mark the end of the relationship between two people necessarily but rather a change in it.

Some critics view the column as contributing to a “culture of divorce” in which couples are stripped of commitment and encouraged to take the “easy way out.” “Unhitched” column appears along with (not replacing) the “Vows” column–illustrating that many couples still have a happy ending to their love story.

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