There’s an App for That!

Even when it comes to your divorce, there’s now even an app for that. Two Los Angeles psychologists, recently released DivorceWorks, an app which provides emotional, financial, and legal support and resources for people who are getting divorced or separated.

Contained in the app are the following sections: Journaling, Emotional Tracking, Keep on Track, and Knowledge. Within these areas are a secured writing area, checklists, weekly reminders, an emotional rating system, self-help quizzes, cooling and comforting tips, and a reading list. The Knowledge section contains a library of advice from the psychologists.

The creators suggest that DivorceWorks can be used as means to prevent extra legal costs incurred during the divorce process when the client frequently calls the lawyer to “vent” and seek emotional, rather than legal, support.

Some clients will learn best from books or article, but perhaps younger clients accustomed to using smartphones will prefer using this innovation.

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