Tips for Working with Your Family Law Attorney

During your divorce, your lawyer and you will be partners for better or for worse. How well you work together can have a significant impact on the outcome on your case including how much you spend on legal fees. To save time, money, and aggravation, here are some tips that may help your union with your lawyer survive the divorce:

1. Always tell your lawyer the truth. All of it. No matter how ugly. If your spouse knows some unflattering information about you, his or her lawyer will know about it. The judge will likely soon hear it and your lawyer will be the only one in the dark. Your lawyer will be unprepared and not adequately representing you.

2. Cooperate. If your lawyer asks you to provide information, such as documents, provide it promptly. The longer you delay, the more your case will be delayed. More delays sometimes mean more costs.

3.  Be reasonable. There is no “winning” in divorce or domestic relations matters. Your lawyer will likely not be able to get you everything that you want. You spouse will likely not feel like he or she is coming out a “winner” either.

4. Trust your lawyer. Second-guessing every decision your lawyer makes will drive up fees in a heartbeat. Your lawyer should absolutely explain his or her recommendations, strategy, and the procedure. If he or she isn’t or you suspect they’re not doing much of anything, you may want to change lawyers. However, repeatedly challenging your lawyer’s judgment and not allowing him or her authority to advise in the ordinary course of business will usually be to a client’s detriment.

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