Types of Parenting Time Schedules – Part (2) of (4)

The second parenting time schedule arrangement is 60/40, with the party receiving the majority of parenting time being the primary or residential parent. This time arrangement is close enough to 50/50 that the court may reserve child support if other factors are equal.

The two main ways to split the week are:

* Extended weekend schedule – This turns every weekend into an extended weekend and has your child or children spend the weekdays with one parent and a long weekend with the other parent. The extended weekend is generally Friday afterschool through Monday drop-off at school.

* 4/3 Split – This arrangement just splits the time four nights to the primary parent and three nights to the parent exercising parenting time. Depending on the parents’ work schedules, this may be Wednesday through Saturday or any other consecutive day stretch that fits into the family’s life style.

There are many factors to consider in deciding what custody schedule is best for your child or children. A 60/40 schedule works well when:

* Parents both want a substantial amount of time with the children but the 50/50 schedules have too many exchanges

* Parents are able to communicate without conflict about the schedule and about the child

* Parents live fairly close to each other so the exchanges are not burdensome for the child

* The child does well living in two houses

If you like the idea of a 60/40 schedule during the school year, but want your overall parenting time to be closer to equal, you can use a holiday schedule or a summer break schedule to create an effective 50/50 schedule throughout the year.

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