What Happens if We Reconcile?

Periodically we see cases where couples reconcile. The Petitioner, the person who initiated the case, can dismiss the case, which means he or she drops the matter altogether by entering an order of dismissal. The other option is the case can be assigned to the Reconciliation Calendar by agreement of the parties.

In short, the Reconcilation Calendar allows the parties to place the case “on hold” without dropping the entire case. In the event that reconciliation is not successful, the case can resume and the parties will not have to begin anew with filing costs and all new proceedings had the case been dismissed. Depending on how far the case has progressed, starting over could be a very costly process.

While on the Reconciliation Calendar your case will be called for status within one year. Thus, the parties are given time to attempt to reconcile. On the regular court calendar you could expect statuses every 30 to 60 days.

Local court rules provide that during the pendency of any case on the reconciliation calendar, all prior orders of court, shall be considered suspended unless otherwise agreed or ordered by the Court. Again, the hope is that without any interference from the Court, the parties will restore their relationship. By the time of the status, we hope that the case will be dismissed.



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