What if I decide during my divorce proceedings that I want to reconcile or stop the proceedings?

There is a separate calendar in Cook County for divorcing parties that decide they wish to reconcile.  This is called the “reconciliation calendar”.  A case can be placed on the reconciliation calendar in Cook County for six (6) months at a time.  During said time there aren’t any court appearances required, to give the parties a break to try and work out their differences.  Once the six (6) months have expired, the parties usually can do another six months of reconciliation before the Judge will have them make a final decision.  This makes it so that a party can keep the divorce case pending, but there won’t be court appearances and fees associated with same incurred.  The other option is to dismiss your case.


Sometimes a Petitioner will decide that they don’t want to proceed any longer with a divorce.  When this happens, they can dismiss their case.   That will make all temporary orders go away.  However, if the case is ever reinstated, the Cook County form usually makes a person disclose if they have filed before and which Judge the case was in front of, to return the case to that Judge, so that the parties cannot use this as a method for “Judge shopping”.  Additionally, if a Respondent has a counter-petition on file, the case can proceed on their counter-petition if the petitioner dismisses their petition.  So, the case won’t actually go away.  Additionally, sometimes a Judge will give a Respondent the opportunity to file a counter-petition, to try and save the case and any temporary orders that are in place, before the petitioner dismisses his or her case.

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