Who Supervises Visitation?

kid on a bikeWhen a court orders supervised visitation, the parties can sometimes mutually select a neutral person. The supervisor may be a relative, such as a grandparent, or a friend. Court generally encourage this option since we presume the supervisor will not charge the parents and he or she knows the children. However, when using a relative or family friend, the selection of the supervisor is dependent upon the agreement of both parents and it must be approved by the court. In Will County, the supervisor must also sign an affidavit accepting the responsibility for supervising visitation that must be entered with the court.

Oftentimes parents cannot agree upon a supervisor or the court may prefer using a professional service to avoid creating more conflict within the family. A wide range of professionals county-to-county provide supervision services. Depending on the service, the professional may be a mental health professional, such a psychologist or social worker, and provide service at a visitation facility, a public place (e.g. mall, playground), or at the parent’s home.

The parties have to pay for a professional supervisor and the prices vary. Your lawyer and/or the court will help you select a qualified, experienced supervisor if supervised visitation is ordered by the court.


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