Women in the Military-Military Divorces

If you have ever read Anderson & Boback’s website you have probably noticed that we pride ourselves on being able to handle military divorces. There are certain rules and regulations that military members must abide by that are different than those outside of the military; this is mainly due to different pension and pay policies and other programs that affect military members.  When handling a divorce for a current or retired military member, it is important for the attorney handling the divorce to be aware of these policies and draft all documents in accordance with them.


Last night I attended an event hosted by the “Coalition of Women’s Initiatives in Law” where Colonel Maritza Saena Ryan spoke as the honorary speaker.  Part of her speech discussed women in the military and the long standing history that women have played in the military, including combat, although women were not officially allowed to partake in combat until 2015 (During the Revolution War, in 1776, Margaret Corbin fought alongside her husband and 600 American Soldiers as they defended Fort Washington, New York.  There are also numerous other women who participated in combat although they were not formally allowed to do so).


Colonel Maritza Saena Ryan graduated from West Point in 1982, a member of only the third class to include women cadets, and was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Field Artillery.  Colonel Maritza Saena Ryan has had a very successful and lengthy military career that I am only briefly touching on but in 2006, Colonel Ryan became the Professor and Head of the Department of Law, a position requiring presidential nomination and congressional confirmation.  Upon appointment, she became the first woman and first Hispanic West Point graduate to serve as an academic department head in the Academy’s 210-year history.  Colonol Ryan is one of several trail blazing women who have helped pave the way for other women to serve in all the same roles that men do in the military.

Although many of us may think primarily of men as we celebrated Veteran’s day last Friday, it is important that we remember all of the roles that women have served, the Colonel Ryan, and are currently serving in our military. And as all of us recently celebrated Veteran’s Day, I am reminded that our veterans and current armed service men and women are not only battling to serve and protect our country but they also face the same day to day struggles that the rest of us do.

And as I previously stated, Janice Boback and Kimberly Anderson have devoted a portion of their practice to military divorces; they have become quite knowledgeable about the rules and regulations regarding divorcing those who have served or are serving our country. It is an important area of the law to be involved in and all of us at Anderson & Boback are proud to do whatever we can to assist our service members.

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