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Can I be compelled to pay for college expenses?

Categorized as Child Support, Illinois Family Law

Yes. Pursuant to Section 513 of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (“IMDMA”), it allows a divorced parent to compel the other to contribute to their children’s school educational expenses. Additionally, you can also be compelled to pay for educational expenses for the children as well, which include travel to and from college,

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When you can collect attorney’s fees

Categorized as Illinois Divorce

Sometimes divorce proceedings can get drawn out do to discovery, motion practice, and other strategic maneuvers. Oftentimes, this requires a party to incur attorney’s fees for an issue the other party is pursuing. As a result, a question I am often asked is, can the court order my spouse to pay my attorney’s fees? Like

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The 411 on “Military Divorce” Issues

Categorized as Military Divorce

Many servicemen and women find themselves in a position where their marriages are ending.  Unfortunately, when you are in an occupation that involves high stress, as well as families being separated for long periods of time, it takes a lot more effort to make a marriage work, and oftentimes it simply doesn’t work out.  The

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