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Do I Need a Divorce or Family Law Attorney?

Categorized as Divorce, Family Law

Are Family Law and Divorce Law the Same? While the terms “family law attorney” and “divorce attorney” are often used synonymously, divorce is now considered to be just one part of the practice of family law. In Cook County, and other court systems, divorce and parentage cases used to be handled by separate judges in

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When A Parent “Abducts” Their Own Child

Categorized as Child Relocation

Can a biological parent abduct his or her own child? Does child abduction only occur when there is a custody dispute or divorce? The answer is “yes” a biological parent can abduct his or her own child and, “no”, a custody dispute or divorce is not a necessary precursor. [toc] What is Child Abduction? Child

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Key Things to Avoid When Separating from Your Spouse

Categorized as Divorce Tips

It is not uncommon for spouses to have a period of separation before ultimately deciding if they do want to move forward with the divorce process or not. If you are thinking about separating from your spouse, a separation period can offer the couple perspective on their marriage and help them clarify whether they can

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